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Fly Gear Financing

 FadedFly FinancingWhen more and more companies are saying no to credit we are saying YES!

     Our program is unique in that the process of verification does not depend on your credit score.

ONCE again, we do not check your FICO score for verification.  

      As long as you have a current checking account, very few bounced checks in the last 3 months, you are good to go.

"In this economy, everyone has taken a hit." 

So...we here at the Faded Fly say "come in and pick out that long awaited angling gift and take it home today!"

 This is how the system works:

     You choose the equipment that you can’t live without; Gift Certificate or New/Used Equipment, it makes no difference (No minimum purchase and a $1500.00 maximum purchase).

     1.  You give us 4 checks from your personal checking account with today’s date; we encode all four with pay verification.

     2.  The first payment of 1/3 the total product cost, is taken out when the account is opened.

     3.  Three consecutive payments will be taken from your account, at the designated dates, for three consecutive months.  

The program looks like:

     One-third down (first month’s payment) and 3 designated payments for 3 additional months. The interest is a mere 12.5% (No Hidden Fees, No Hidden Service Charges).

     **You do not have to live in Idaho to be able to use this process!!  Please call for more information 208-615-8228

     So, what are you waiting for, build a Fly Fishing package today and make someone (even if it is you) a very Happy Angler!

And yes we will also take trade-in's as part of the In House Financing Program!

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