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Custom Fly Rods

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Custom Fly Rods

Custom Fly Rods

    The choice to purchase a Custom Fly Rod is a very important decision. There are hundreds if not thousands of Custom Rod Designers all clamoring for your business. The real question is not necessarily who will build your rod, but what is a Custom Fly Rod to you?

     Does it mean saving money on a cheaper version of the Factory rod? If that is the case, than any rod builder will do.

    Or could it possibly be a Fly Rod of distinction and utmost performance is what you seek? If you are looking for a one of a kind Custom Fly Rod, you are at the right place.

     Custom Fly Rods are not only beautiful, but will out perform a factory Fly Rod most of the time. Our rods are splined correctly, that is to say they are spined on the backbone of the rod. Not just the straightest part of the blank.Cutom Sage VXP by Bohn Rods

     All rods go to an oval shape as they are posed to stress from casting. If your guide placement is not optimally on the opposite of the splined side of your rod…two things can occur.

     First, the rod itself will cast to either side and not in a direct line. We have all had rods that cast to one side or the other; this is due to a miss aligned spine.

    The second peril you may face is that the blank itself will be weaker if not spined correctly. When a blank is rolled on a mandrel, there is an overlap of material; this creates the spine of the rod. If your rod has been miss-splined, you will have guides on the softer more susceptible side of the blank, opposite the spine at 45 degrees or so. Rod breakage from that stand point is inevitable.

    There are any number of tricks to building exceptional Fly Rods, that only come from experience. The most important factor of all, is the Custom Fly Rod Experience itself. Being involved in every aspect of your rods' life is a key factor to building a lasting relationship with your equipment.

     Here are a few tips to getting the most out or your new Rod Building Experience.

  • Ask for references; any respectable Rod Builder should have plenty of references.
  • Be certain of the Blank that you want to build your rod (cast as many different rods and brands as you can).
  • Make certain that your builder uses high quality components of your choosing.
  • Look at every picture of a custom rod the builder provides for you (Make sure the clear is flat and not rippled or thread showing).
  • Enjoy the rod building experience (This should include rod progress pics with regular email updates. Communication with the builder is an absolute must).

     Thanks for taking the time to consider Faded Fly’s Custom Fly Rods.  We stand by and warranty all our work here at our shop.  

     We build custom rods by this simple premise; "if you aren't happy, we aren't happy".