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Charlie Bagley     I have been fishing here in Idaho for a very long time, in fact all of my life. For my family and I, Fly Fishing is a way of life, possibly more than a way of life. It gives us a chance to do something together outdoors. Good clean fun, bright sunny days, snowy or rainy days it doesn't matter.

     We have several goals here at the Faded Fly, to help you develop your angling skills, gain your trust, and help you become better anglers. Most importantly, we are here to help you and your family develop lifelong skills.

     Every day I learn something new, from the people that walk through our doors. Whether coming from the internet or through our front doors. Experience is the best teacher of all.

     I believe that the art of Fly Fishing is a lifelong pursuit. 

Come join us here at the Faded Fly.